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Icepac products are ready to cook/use. They are graded, peeled, diced, sliced and blanched before going through the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) Process. The final product is free from preservatives, colors, additives or artificial flavors.  All Icepac Products are halal, hygienic, rich in nutrition.

A Harvester At Heart

Mr. Mansoor Arifeen was always enthusiastic about the idea of starting a business that would not only be profitable for him but would also contribute to the growth and progress of his people, his country. A Harvester at Heart, his roots belong to his country where the soil is fertile, vegetables and fruits are grown in abundance. He decided to start the trading of vegetables and fruits grown in his country and that’s how Icepac Limited was founded in 1989. At Icepac only finest quality vegetables and fruits are picked, carefully washed, cut, frozen, hygienically packed and distributed with the idea of ensuring a steady supply throughout the year. The idea is to make sure that vegetables and fruits reaching your table are healthy, frozen fresh and 100% preservatives free. Moreover, Icepac pioneered the idea of importing high value berries and sell them locally as icepac’s frozen berry range. Cherishing this journey, Icepac continues to support country’s farmers, export of locally grown vegetables/fruits, economy and a sustainable future for all.

Mr. Mansoor Arifeen

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission

To Provide High Quality Frozen Food Products

To consistently support the export of locally grown fruits and vegetables, farmers, agriculture and economy of Pakistan through sustainable solutions.

to lead frozen food industry with innovation

To lead the frozen food industry with innovative, high quality product range and services for quality conscious customers both in the institutional and retail markets.

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