All Icepac Products are Halal

All Icepac products, from preparation to packaging conform to Internationally acceptable food quality guidelines and strictest possible definition of Halal.
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SINCE 1989

Icepac products are ready to cook/use. They are graded, peeled, diced, sliced and blanched before going through the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) Process. The final product is free from preservatives, colors, additives or artificial flavors. All Icepac Products are hygienic, natural rich in nutrition and Halal.

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Leading Multinational food Chains and Hotels Trust Icepac

Since its Inception Icepac has been a leading bulk supplier of frozen vegetables, fruits and frozen prepared meals to the hospitality industry of Pakistan including five star hotels, airlines and multinational food chains. Icepac has also been the leading exporter of frozen vegetables and prepared meals. Icepac name you can trust.

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