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Pakistan stands at the crossroads of the world where cultures of Middle East and Asia meet and become one. The Indus River, an outstanding geographical feature of Pakistan flows out of Tibet from a spring known as ‘The Mouth of The lion’. The Indus flows down through the Karakoram mountains to enter the Northern areas of Pakistan. It then continues its’s 2,800 kilometre journey southwards and westwards through the heart of the country to enter the great Arabian Sea near the city of Karachi.

All the way along its length,the great river supports and nourishes agricultural settlements. Its in the middle ground, in Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh that the agricultural produce is at its best. From thousands of villages scattered among the fields, the orchards and the plantations, the fertile soil and a rich climate combine to produce the finest crops, livestock and vegetables.

We select only the finest ingredients – process, package and freeze and call it Icepac


Icepac Limited, established in 1989 is Pakistan’s first & foremost frozen vegetable and fruit processor. Icepac is the bulk supplier of frozen vegetables and fruits to the institutional market of Pakistan, including five star hotels, airlines flight kitchens and multinational food chains. Icepac products are also sold in grade A retail outlets of major cities of the country. The company has  an integrated cold chain network with its own refrigerated fleet connecting its  distributions centers and cold stores in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad.

Icepac product range  includes high-value vegetables and fruits , for example Sweet Corn, Green beans, Peas, Broccoli,  Strawberries, Black berries and  Lemon, Tomato and Mango purees.

Icepac products are ready to cook/use. They are graded, peeled, diced, sliced and blanched before going through the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) Process. The final product is free from preservatives, colors, additives or artificial flavors. It is hygienic, natural with higher  nutritional value.

In addition Icepac presents these products in various forms and mixes with uniform  sizes, designer cuts and off season options  enhancing the pleasure of cooking and eating.
Icepac takes the seasonality out and adds quality, convenience of shopping,  storing & cooking. All with competitive year round same price.

The company is dedicated to the idea of providing healthy, hygienic, price competitive products. Its focus is on innovation to provide healthy, natural green products to its consumers. It is dedicated to be a role model for the expansions and development of high end Agro food economy of Pakistan.


Highest Standards of Quality

Healthy, Hygiene with Competitive Price

We are Pakistan’s first & foremost frozen vegetable and fruit processor. Our products have a higher nutritional value compared to fresh fruits and vegetables found in the market. They are picked at the peak of their ripening phase when the nutritional value is at its highest, and then Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) right after harvest.

100% Halal & Certified Products

Manufacturing to Delivery

Icepac Group has set the highest standards of quality, hygiene, efficiency and services. The group prides itself in offering open ended guarantees for the product’s Islamic Character. The familiar Icepac seal of Halal on its products and services is a further confirmation of its social responsibility towards its customers.

Online Support 24/7

We are 24/7 available to you for you queries, complains, feedback and orders at our web:, email:, live chat and given WhatsApp number. The product range of Icepac includes high-value fruits and vegetables for example Sweet Corn, Green beans, Peas, Strawberries, Broccoli, Berries, Lemon, Tomato and Mango.
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